Reproduceable high-precision (ppm) driving is the main advantage of the fully automated mobile robot unit JAMES, which was developed by KNESTEL and one of its associated companies. JAMES is able to retrace humanoid driving cycles on R&D test stands fully automated and without any need for training stages. Furthermore this enables to realize even more accurate tests and testresults. 


KNESTEL was part of the development of a new wheel/tire cleaner which delivers incomparable cleaning result with a marginal amount of water and cleanser due to Ultrasound.


Image data processing, fine-effective technology, highly precise measurement of acceleration and gradient all merged in a new axis measurement system for Trucks. The camera heads are rotatable 360° which allows a faster measurement of total and part track, center position of the steering gear, king pin angle, positive or negative camber, track-angle difference, maximum steering angle, overrun and oblique positioning of the axis. All combined in a compact and high perfoming KNESTEL-Product.








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