SAM. Analysis Software


Competition management program for 4000 and SAM-IV to DISAG RM


Tailor-made competition program with many features:


  • Easy operation due to the graphical interface
  • 100% SAM 4000- and DISAG RM-IV-compatible
  • Automatic generation of ranking by adjustable criteria
  • Graphic documentation for breakpoint- and document-printing
  • Printing of shot images



Downloads (software and documentation only avalilable in German)




Demo / full version


The software is standard offered as a demo version. In this version the starting number is limited, also appears on the printouts of the text "Demo Version".


By entering a license you can unlock the demo version and use the full version. Such a license can be obtained from us or many special retailers. Please inform us exactly what name (usually the club's name) should be issued. This name appears on every print-out. For more information and an appropriate form to order the full version, see the online help access of the program.









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