CAE (computer aided engineering)

Modeling, Validation and Simulation of technical Processes



  • Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Acoustics
  • Optics



  • MATLAB ® / Simulink ®
  • Experience in handling of: ANSYS, xPCTarget, LabVIEW, SimulationX


Control- and Algorithm-Development

  • Nonlinear Control Approaches
  • Autotuning of PID- and State-Controller
  • Adaptive Control Concepts


Model-based Software Development and Software Engineering

  • Hardware in the loop (HIL)
  • Software in the Loop (SiL)


Embedded and real-time applications based on the KNESTEL Rapid Prototyping Environment (RPE)


Simulation of Optical Systems

  • Own Software Tool
  • Simulation with Zemax



  • Test Bench: Automotive Test Benches, Road Simulation Test Benches, Battery- and Load Simulation Test Benches, Component Simulation, Special Robotics
  • Gas Analysis Systems and Exhaust Gas Measurement Technology











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