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Respiratory Gas Analysis



Field/Branch: Medical technology

Topic: Gas analytics


Summary: Can diseases be smelt? In the 1970s the american Nobel prize laureate Linus Pauling found out that human breath contains more than 200 different gaseous substances. For example, a slightly fruity-acetone breath indicates Diabetes and the smell of Ammonia suggests kidney failure. The most common and simplest Respiratory Gas Analysis is the breathalyzer.


Field of activity: The biggest difficulty in the Respiratory Gas Analysis is that the concentration of biomarkers (necessary as indicators) in our breath almost not detectable is. Often it is less then 10^-9. To be able to detect those minor indicators highly complex measuring procedures are indispensable. Due to the technology of Absorbtion-Spectroscopy KNESTEL and its Partners are able to detect and indicate those minor concentrations.








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