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KNESTEL Technology Fields

SMART OEM solutions for many branches
custom-tailored, cost and function optimized

servocontroller, drive controller, inverter

tailored for your requirements

  • Fanless and waterproof
  • Wide range voltage input due to PFC
  • Power regeneration due to AFE
  • SPS functionality
  • High-precision and with high efficiency
  • Wireless parameterization over tablet / PC
  • Norm conformal realization, e.g. medical technology


>> KNESTEL expertise


Image processing / optical measurement technology


manufactured for your application

  • Distance and angle measurement system
  • 3D measurement systems
  • Position determination, position recognition
  • Classification of objects, shape verification
  • Process monitoring and process control


>> KNESTEL expertise


Fieldbussystems and wireless

adapted for your communication

  • We speak your language (all conventional fieldbussystems)
  • Multifunctional fieldbus node (e.g. EtherCAT) integrated measurement of force, distance and temperature, as well as control and regulating functions
  • SRD ISM band, Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee
  • CAN modules for your usage


>> KNESTEL expertise


Embedded and real-time systems // operation and observation

our contribution to Industry 4.0

  • Development and implementation of smart software
  • Development and production of elaborated hardware
  • Decentralization of intelligence
  • Networking and communication
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) / touch or gesture control


>> KNESTEL expertise


Measurement and control technology

tailored for your application

  • Measuring of physical values
  • Monitoring of technical systems
  • State controller with (state) observers
  • Sensor function due to Kalman filter
  • Algebraic Derivative Estimation Scheme
  • Non-linear control technology approaches


>> KNESTEL expertise


Gas sensor engineering for trace gases

for OEM trace gas analysis down to the ppt range

  • Laser absorption spectroscopy (LAS)
  • Chemiluminescence detector (CLD)
  • Photo-acoustic spectroscopy (PAS)
  • Non-dispersive infrared sensors (NDIR)


>> KNESTEL expertise


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