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In the gas analysis, the composition of gases and gas mixtures is investigated using chemical and physical methods. Our various types of sensors and methods enable the analysis of gases in the finest traces of a few billionths and below. Instruments for trace gas analysis can be often found in diverse areas. So this can be found not only in industrial and automotive sectors, but also in the environmental, medical, and process technology. The detection of lowest concentrations of our state of the art measuring equipment makes it possible to prove, among other things, so-called biomarkers in human breath for the noninvasive diagnosis of diseases. The simplest form of this type of diagnosis is the blood alcohol test by blowing into the breathalyser. Other examples of trace gas field diagnostics are, elevated formaldehyde levels in breath, which indicate breast cancer, or increased nitrogen oxide values, which indicate asthma.







QCL measuring device in 19'' case for the detection of dinitrogen monoxide (laughing gas) in the ppb range








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