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Image Processing


In electrical engineering and in computer science is meant by image processing, the processing of signals that represent images (eg photographs or individual images from videos). The result of this image processing can be a picture or a set of features of the input image again. Often Images are viewed as a 2D signal, so that methods from signal processing can be applied. Image processing is not to be confused with the image editing, which deals with the manipulation of images and their subsequent presentation. Our image processing is for example used for object recognition and tracking, for measurement of geometrical parameters such as distances or angles to temperature determination or in gas analysis. We work among other technologies such as CCD, CMOS, UV sensors and IR sensors. This offers a wide range of applications such as in monitoring and controlling production processes in industry and in the manufacturing sector. In addition still:


  • Object measurement, object recognition and object tracking of any kind
  • Quality assurance
  • Pattern analysis
  • Spectroscopy
  • Microscopy
  • Diagnostic




  • CMOS area sensors
  • CMOS and CCD line sensors
  • 4-quadrant sensors
  • IR Sensors and measuring cells
  • UV-Sensors and measuring cells
  • microcontroller-based evaluation
  • microcontroller based power amplifiers and driver units (e.g. for laser modules)



  • Distance measurement
  • Angle-measuring systems
  • Positioning systems
  • Process monitoring and process control
  • Gas analysis



  • Axis measurement
  • Laser triangulation measuring
  • Electronic hit detection in shooting sports at 40000 frames / sec
  • Analysis of shooting discs
  • Training systems for shooting competitors
  • Gas Analysis in environmental, medical and automotive applications
  • Monitoring and controlling of manufacturing processes in the industrial and manufacturing field.

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