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Measurement, Control and Regulation Technology


The metrology is concerned with devices and methods for measuring physical variables (eg, length, mass, force, pressure, flow, temperature or time) and is for the most accurate control or regulation of great importance. The control technology is based on the measurement technology. It is characteristic of the control technology that the physical quantities, influenced by actuators, not react on measured metrics. This always creates an open action path, which is also referred to as an open control chain. The control technology on the other hand extends the process control technology. This extension consists of a feedback of the influenced quantity to form a closed control loop. Apart from simple PID controllers, we have knowledge and expertise in additional control technology. State Control with (state-)observers, sensor fusion by Kalman filter, algebraic derivative estimation procedures or non-linear control technology approaches such as the flatness-based trajectories sequence control, backstepping, sliding mode or Model -Predictive Control (MPC) offer the potential to significant increases in performance in your application. Experience has shown that a state controller increases the rise time (t90) by a factor 3 in heavily deadtime systems compared to a PID controller.

Common applications for the measurement and control technology  can be found in virtually all electronic and electrical equipment of industrial and private environment. Our extensive technologies such as on microcontroller based or PC / ARM-based (RTOS) control, regulation and automation techniques are represented in the most diverse areas.



  • Complete and partial controls for Machines, Devices and Systems
  • Development and Production of complete Sensor Modules, including Signal Conditioning and Evaluation
  • Measurement and Sensing Principles:
    Resistance Strain Gauge, Temperature-measuring Resistors, resistive Sensor Elements, Measuring Potentiometer, inductive Sensor Elements, capacitive Sensor Elements, piezoelectric Sensors, magnetoresistive Sensor Elements, Hall Elements, Photo Cells, Photo Sensors, opto-electronic Sensor Elements, UV-Sensors, infrared-sensors, gyro meter
  • adverse most extreme environmental conditions, e.g. Pipeline controllers in Siberia, Test Benches for Climate- and EMC-Laboratory
  • microcontroller-based or on real-time based Operating Systems, Control-, Regulation- and Automation Technology



  • Pipeline Control
  • Milking Machine Control
  • Wood Machinery
  • Automotive
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Textile Machinery
  • Forestry and Wind Technology
  • Tempering Water Systems
  • Agricultural Machines
  • Mechanical Engineering


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