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Propulsion Technology / Servo Controllers, Propulsion Controllers, Frequency Inverter Systems


The propulsion technology deals in general with technical systems for generating motion by power transmission and is thus an important component for the mechanical- and plant engineering. The term propulsion technology is derived from the propulsion (technology), but is to be understood independently of the type of propulsion used in the propulsion train anyway. This technical discipline is not confined to the propulsion source, but also deals with the supply of each machine with power and the control of the various propulsion elements. The mastery of various engine technologies as AC, DC, BLDC or stepper motors up to several 100 kW combined with algorithms and methods of state regulation, the observer design and machine identification methods make it possible that our frequency inverter systems are used in various fields and industries application. The in-house facilities, to unite in addition to the motor controller further fields of technology on a module, and thus to realize both innovative and financially unbeatable concepts, creates competitive advantage for our customers. In addition to motor control, are also the engine and component simulation and battery simulation applications in this field of activity.




  • DC, BLDC (brushless DC), EC, 1 AC, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
  • Power range: a few watts to several 100 kW with High Power
  • Voltage: DC low voltage (eg 24 V), over 230 V AC to 660 V AC



  • Engine Management: highly accurate and efficient propulsion of electric Power Tools in various areas and applications
  • Engine- and component Simulation: an electric motor, for example, is simulated realistically in a real-time simulation in software on a motor-simulation model. Thereby, complex mechanical test benches are often unnecessary and there are new and varied ways for system verification and testing system.
  • Battery Simulation: battery technologies are simulated realistically in a real-time simulation on a battery simulation model. Hybrid vehicles can be operated for test purposes with no real battery and thus the operating strategy of the vehicle can be optimized.



  • Textile Inductor Device
  • Lifts
  • Road simulation test benches
  • Highly efficient and accurate Propulsion Applications of all kinds
  • Active Power Rectifier with Energy Recovery
  • Electrical Components Simulation


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